Fall Clothing Drive

Are you settling in all right? Moved into your new residence yet? (Of course you have… it’s the end of the first month already.)

Well, following the big move, I’m sure there’ll be some extra stuff that just may not fit, or things that you may realize that you don’t need anymore. And if part of that stuff consists of articles of clothing, we might just be able to help you there! We’re here to lighten your load – literally.

The Newman Catholic Students’ Society (NCSS) is holding a Clothing Drive that is running at this very moment and going till the 17th of October (the Friday after Thanksgiving, so those extra clothes from home…), with all donations going to the Benedict Labre House. The current drop-off location is in the Bagelounge in the Newman Centre. We accept anything you can come up with, trousers, undershirts, socks? Just make sure you wash them first and we’ll be happy to take them off your hands.

clothing drive


Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

For more information about the Newman Catholic Students' Society executive, please consult the Executive Committee page under the About menu on this website.

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