Special Event: Uncover McGill

Uncover McGill schedule

January 18th-22nd at various locations Uncover McGill is a week of events put on by the Christian groups at McGill, including the Newman Catholic Students’ Society, to facilitate discussion and exploration of life’s biggest questions. Each day during the week there will be two lunch talks with free food, as…

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Announcements: Week of January 10th-16th

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! The following are the announcements from the Newman Centre and the Newman Catholic Students’ Society for the upcoming week.

Highlights this week:

Is Political Forgiveness Possible?: Lecture by Prof. Nigel Biggar
The Position of Canadian and British Courts on Euthanasia: Q&A with Profs. Margaret Somerville and Nigel Biggar
Bible Study on Mercy Resumes
Sandwiches on the Street
Saturday Night Supper
Soup and Bagel Lunch Program Resumes

— Michael