Executive Committee

Meet the members of the 2023-2024 executive team! To share a little bit about themselves, each member of the executive committee has written a small profile including their background, interests, duties, and goals for the year. Feel free to reach out to us or approach us if you see us around!

Hailey Eckersberg


My name is Hailey Eckersberg. I am a third-year undergraduate studying Neuroscience with a minor in Computer Science. I’m from Illinois in a suburb outside of Chicago. I am an involved member of the Newman community as a member of the Newman Chapel Choir and returning member of the NCSS’s executive committee. This year I will be serving as a Co-President of the NCSS alongside Harry. Our goal is to make the NCSS a welcoming and enjoyable environment. We are always looking for feedback so feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns! I look forward to a great year ahead!

Email: president@mcgillcatholics.ca

Harry Zhai


My name is Harry Zhai and I am one of the two Co-Presidents for the 2023-2024 academic year. I have been at McGill as an undergraduate for two years, during which I have been an active participant in the NCSS. I am majoring in history and religious studies, which are deeply intertwined in relation to my personal faith. Having embraced the Catholic faith only a few years ago, I am passionate in my service to God and His holy Church. My dedication to the Church finds expression in various facets of liturgical involvement. As an acolyte, lector, and chorister, I have found joy and purpose in enhancing the worship experience through active participation. Beyond these endeavors as a student and as a Catholic, I also find comfort in cooking, baking, art and singing. Last year, I served as VP spiritual and I’m honored to serve as Co-President of the NCSS this year. I will work closely with my executives in preserving and nurturing the rich tapestry of our Catholic heritage within the vibrant community of McGill University.

Email: president@mcgillcatholics.ca

Phil Hoyeck

VP Communications

Hi, my name is Phil Hoyeck. I’m a second-year PhD student at the Department of Philosophy at McGill. My research interests are in ethics, political theory, and the philosophy of religion, but I’m excited about everything from theology and comparative religions to literature and music.  During my first year of studies, I was fortunate enough to benefit from the various opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and learning offered by the Newman community. As VP Communications, I see my job as keeping not only the Newman community, but the broader McGill community informed about our activities so that others can benefit from them as I did. Feel free to get in touch!

Email: communications@mcgillcatholics.ca

Eddy Hage

VP Finance

Hello, my name is Eddy. I’m a third-year student in Computer Science and Statistics with a minor in Finance. As VP Finance, I am responsible for managing the NCSS’ budget and maintaining its financial records. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, practicing Judo, working out, and spending time with my friends and family. I look forward to meeting you!

Email: finance@mcgillcatholics.ca

Louis Mounier

VP Saturday/Sunday Night Supper (SNS)

Hello! I’m Louis, I am in my fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at McGill, and I am the VP Sunday Night Supper (SNS). These homey dinners following mass are how I got to connect with the Newman community and learn more about the center, which truly feels like a home away from home. Don’t hesitate to come check us (and our wonderful cooking) out!

Email: sns@mcgillcatholics.ca

Alexander Nyvlt

VP Social Activities

Hello, My name is Alexander Nyvlt, and I will be VP of Social Activities for the 2023-24 academic school year. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Economics with a double minor in Social Entrepreneurship and Religious Studies. And in the future, I aspire to go to Law school and specialize in Intellectual property. In my free time, I enjoy weightlifting, painting, playing football, and spending time with friends and family. As VP Social Activities, I will be coordinating fun and exciting events that bring our community together and bring memorable moments to our life. I am looking forward to this upcoming year and meeting all of you!

Email: socialactivities@mcgillcatholics.ca

Cecilia Gillis

VP Social Justice

Hi, my name is Cecilia Gillis. I am going into my fourth year studying political science and my third year in the Newman community. I am originally from New England. After graduation, I want to continue to specialize in human rights. As VP Social Justice I would love to help students learn more about Catholic Social teaching and its practical applications in our everyday lives.

Email: socialjustice@mcgillcatholics.ca

Calum Taylor

VP Spiritual

Hello, my name is Calum Taylor. I am originally from Victoria, BC, and am a recent convert to Catholicism, having gone through the RCIA program at the Newman Centre. I am currently studying Economics at McGill, although I also have a great passion for history, philosophy, and theology. I look forward to assisting the NCSS this coming year! As VP Spiritual, I look forward to helping the Newman community grow in closeness with God and helping us better understand what being Catholic means every moment of every day.

Email: spiritual@mcgillcatholics.ca