Newman Catholic Students' Society Logo

Pictured to the right is the Newman Catholic Students’ Society’s logo, adopted during the 2012-2013 academic year. The following is an explanation of the logo’s symbolism:

  • The logo draws inspiration from Cardinal John Henry Newman’s own crest by including his personal motto: “Cor ad cor loqvitur” or, in English, “Heart speaks to heart.”
  • The logo also encompasses various aspects of student life; the lower left quadrant of the shield contains a book, symbolizing knowledge, while the lower right quadrant contains a heart, symbolizing the importance of love and friendship between fellow students. The latter was something the Cardinal placed great emphasis on; hearts can also be seen on his own crest.
  • The logo naturally emphasizes the Society’s Catholic nature. The top right quadrant contains a dove, representing the Holy Spirit. A ‘chi-rho’, a common symbol for Christ, can be seen in the top left quadrant. This symbol consists of the first two letters in the Greek word for Christ, “Χριστός”.
  • Finally, the top section of the logo has a triangular pattern reminiscent of the crest of McGill University, highlighting the Society’s links to the McGill campus.