Executive Committee

Meet the members of the executive team! To share a little bit about ourselves, each member of the executive committee has written a small profile including their background, interests, duties, and goals for the year. Feel free to reach out to us or approach us if you see us around!

Leo Cheong


Hello! My name is Leo and I will be serving as president this year. I am in my third year majoring in neuroscience. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, playing basketball, playing volleyball, and going on road cycling trips. My favourite place in Montreal is St. Joseph’s Oratory’s garden – especially in the spring.

I hope to continue the tradition of making the Newman Centre the most welcoming environment possible. I want the community to receive everyone with the kindness that I had experienced when I walked into the centre two years ago. Through monthly Eucharistic Adoration and Sandwiches on the Street, I pray that the community will be a place where people can grow in their faith and also learn to welcome others into the joy of serving. Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions, concerns, and recommendations. It is my hope that you make the best of this year at Newman and at McGill!

Email: president@mcgillcatholics.ca


Marine Loison

VP Spiritual

Hey there!

I’m Marine and I’m super excited to be serving as the VP Spiritual for the Newman Catholic Students’ Society! I hope I’ll be able to make the Newman Center a meeting point not only for spiritual activities but for recreational ones as well.

I was born and raised in France, but I now call the great state of Arizona home! I love spending my summer in the brutal dry heat of the desert and my winters in the cold weather of Montreal (just kidding). But I do enjoy playing with kittens, buying overpriced coffee, and singing and dancing for Jesus. I absolutely love the Catholic community at Newman because no matter where I am in the world I know that my home is always at the altar.

For this year, I’m hoping to be able to plan more opportunities for adoration. Also, I would love to implement different events so that everyone may find a form of prayer that fits their needs: whether it be praise and worship, liturgy of the hours, or the rosary, I hope to find something everyone can enter into. If you have any questions or suggestions (or would just like to sit down and chat) please feel free to reach out to me!

Email: spiritual@mcgillcatholics.ca


Khrystia MacKinnon

VP Social Activities

Hi! My name is Khrystia and I’m super excited to be your Newman Catholic Students’ Society VP Social Activities for the 2017-2018 school year!

I’m a second-year life science student, majoring in physiology and minoring in Catholic studies. I’m from a small town in Saskatchewan and am really enjoying the hustle and bustle of big city Montreal. In my free time, I like to listen to and make music, go on walks with friends searching for dogs, and play games like Mafia or Avalon. Mostly, my favourite thing to do in my free time is to just be with other people! As such, I’m beyond excited to be able to organize and host various social activities this year at the Newman centre. For me, I’ve found that most of my spiritual development has come from my relationships with other Catholics. Once I feel comfortable with those around me, I’m willing to have deeper discussions with them about the world we live in and the role of faith within it. This is why I believe that providing a social space to meet other young Catholics is such a wonderful thing!

This year, I aim to continue in the tradition of previous VP Social Activities, with events such as coffee houses, murder mysteries, and, of course, Newman Ball! I’d also like to have more frequent social events, such as movie nights, game nights, friendly Newman sports, and even a winter fun day. If you have any further ideas, I’d love to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you all this upcoming year!

Email: socialactivities@mcgillcatholics.ca


Carmen Rauh

VP Social Justice

Hi there! My name is Carmen and I am this year’s VP social justice for the NCSS. I’m a second-year student majoring in Microbiology and Immunology. I’m from Spain, but grew up in Shanghai, Madrid and Miami. In my free time, I love to read, take pictures around Montreal or portraits of my friends, sing along to the piano or guitar and cook.

I’ll be working on reaching out to the Montreal community as well as participate in charity events for international efforts. I’d like to focus on continuing Newman’s legacy of social work in the community through activities such as making sandwiches for the homeless, organizing fundraising social events and get in touch with the Montreal community to contribute to food and clothes donations to benefit families in need, shelters and charity organizations. Come by Newman to study, meet new people and grow in spirit!

Email: socialjustice@mcgillcatholics.ca


Lise Turner

VP Saturday Night Suppers

Hello! My name is Lise and I am this year’s VP Saturday Night Suppers. I’m a second year Master’s student in Math. I love to knit, crochet and cook. This year, I hope to help foster community with our food events. Whether it’s showing our hospitality to newcomers, or fostering friendship and discussion amongst our regulars, food always makes things better. Saturday Night Suppers are also a chance for our volunteers to share their favourite dishes and experience cooking for a crowd. I hope to enable as many people as possible to participate by providing them with the support they need. Come by Newman for a chat anytime, or come to any of our events. You’re in for a treat!

Email: sns@mcgillcatholics.ca


Lucius Hatherly

VP Outreach

Hi! I am Lucius, and am the current VP outreach for the Newman Catholic Students’ Society. My aim this year is to expand the circle of the society to include all members of the McGill community.

At the moment, I am a second year undergraduate student majoring in chemistry with a minor in history. In my spare time, I like to play football, go for runs, read, and explore the city of Montreal amongst other activities. My favourite day with the Newman society was our 2017 Easter Vigil mass, as I was humbled by the hundreds of students from all different backgrounds coming together to commemorate the resurrection of our Lord and saviour. This type of community spirit is what illustrates the welcoming attitude present in Newman society.

For the 2017-2018 year, I aim to recruit as many new members to the society as possible by expanding our presence amongst the McGill community. To this end, I aim to be proactive in inviting as many participants of Fish Frosh to visit our society, employ social media and word of mouth to constantly promote our Saturday night dinners, coffee houses, food drives, and other activities that are commonplace to our society. It is my goal to recruit at least 30 new members to our group in order to ensure that we have more than enough members to replenish the society in the years to come!

Email: outreach@mcgillcatholics.ca


Paul-Hervé Quesnel

VP Finance

Hello! My name is Paul, and I am this year’s VP Finance for the Newman Catholic Students’ Society. I am a third year undergraduate Physics and Computer Science Major. I am from Paris, France, and I moved to the US when I was 8 years old and lived in Maryland until I moved to Montreal to study here at McGill. I love music, videogames, and a wide variety of sports.

For the 2017-18 year, I plan to help my fellow member of the NCSS to carry out their goals by maintaining a firm policy of accountability and rigorousness in my management of the Newman Centre’s funds and budgets. Feel free to talk to me about anything, I live next door to campus and will gladly help out wherever I can!

Email: finance@mcgillcatholics.ca


Matthew Kourlas

VP Communications

My name is Matthew, and I am VP Communications for the Newman Catholic Student Society this year. I’m a second year undergraduate student in the computer engineering program. Some of the things I enjoy include playing soccer, computer games, and a bit of music composition.

As VP Communications, my job is to keep the NCSS community as well as anyone else interested on campus informed about all of the activities and events the NCSS is holding over the next two semesters. I plan on achieving this with many of the same means used in previous years, including the newsletter, Facebook page, posters, and weekly announcements at Mass. This year, I especially want to make use of NCSS events to hold announcements, particularly at Saturday Night Suppers and other social activities. I hope to see a lot of old and new faces!

Email: communications@mcgillcatholics.ca

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