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Announcements: Week of August 23rd-29th

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! Just a reminder of what’ll be happening at Newman starting a week from now. Not much has changed from last week’s announcements, with the exception of a new bi-weekly Bible study.

— Michael

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Scripture Reflection: “Lord, to whom shall we go?” (John 6:66-69) | McGill Christians Blog

This week in the lectionary (mass readings) we are nearing the end of a four week read through of chapter 6 of John’s Gospel about Jesus as the bread of life. It has always been one of my favourite parts of the three year cycle of readings and a chance to…

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The Importance of Christian Community | McGill Christians Blog

By Alison Morin I go to a woman’s prayer group every two weeks and I learned something interesting from one of the women there. She said “You need some Pauls, some Barnabas and some Timothys in your life.” I asked “What does that mean?” and she said “It means you…

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Evangelization in Five Easy Steps | McGill Christians Blog

By Terrel Joseph When I introduce the topic of ‘evangelization’ to students through my work as the Catholic Campus Minister at McGill, I often get puzzled or even frightened responses. But I like to remind students that the most meaningful opportunities for evangelization come from existing friendships. In other words,…

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Be Not Transformed, but Transfigured | McGill Christians Blog

By Vanessa Chan While a transformation simply signifies a drastic change, a transfiguration gives it direction – towards greatness, grandeur, majesty. Here, Jesus’ change in appearance gives us a glimpse of not only who He truly is, but also what we have a share in as children of God. By…

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Grad Life: Fears, challenges, and thoughts on spiritual growth | McGill Christians Blog

By Anita Sivabalan It was around this time last year that I graduated from McGill University. I remember standing on the steps of the Arts Building- a landmark that many graduates enjoy taking pictures in front of- and reflecting about my four years there. I learned a lot during my…

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Announcements: Week of August 16th-22nd

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summers thus far. There’s still two or three weeks before the academic year begins, but I thought I’d get a jump on things and give you a glimpse of what’ll be happening at Newman over the next month or so.

Looking forward to seeing you all again come September!

— Michael, your VP Communications for this year

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With God at the Center

This post was originally published on the McGill Christians Blog. By Josh Abrego I graduated from McGill University with my Master’s degree in Voice Performance from the Schulich School of Music in the summer of 2012. During my time at McGill I had the incredible blessing of living at the…

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How do I keep my faith alive while I’m away from Montreal for the summer?

This post was originally published on the McGill Christians Blog.  By Terrel Joseph Last week, I got a facebook message from a student asking me this question: How do I keep my faith alive while I’m away from Montreal for the summer? In attempting to respond to this students question…

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I believe in God, and beach day everyday

This post was originally published on the McGill Christians Blog. By Desiree D’Souza The term religious young person has almost become an oxymoron. Surely one can’t be young, intelligent, fun, and dare I say liberal, and still believe in God? Or at least that’s what it seems like outside of…

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