Message from Julian

September 26, 2013


Dear Newmanites! Dear Friends! Dear Brothers and Sisters!


How are you? How are your studies? How are things at Newman? How’s life? Especially as you head into the endless stream of midterms, in the midst of this beautiful fall weather, I wanted to send you a note to wish you well, to assure you of my prayers, and to let you know what I’ve been doing these past weeks. But first I want to thank you for all the love and prayers, I feel them so strongly even from afar and am deeply grateful. Thank you for your messages, your kindness, and your support. It’s been truly humbling and I miss you very much! God is good!


So far this semester I’ve been continuing my summer job working at Salt and Light TV in Toronto. This is my last week with them and I’m spending it at the annual plenary assembly of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, where we’re filming, doing interviews, and broadcasting liturgies and events live. Being at Salt and Light has been a very enriching experience and a tremendous blessing. I was there last summer also and have been able to work with such extraordinary, faith-filled people—all with diverse talents and backgrounds but united in a common mission, purpose, and the spirit of a spiritual family. This week at the bishops’ conference is a very exciting change of scenery: we’re in beautiful Sainte-Adele, Quebec surrounded by the spectacular Laurentian mountains dappled in the reds and yellows that mark the changing season. I have been struck by how authentic, accessible, open, and deeply caring our bishops are—it is very encouraging to know that we are led by such sincere pastors and inspiring to see how committed they are to their people and their ministry. On Sunday, after returning from the plenary, I’ll be heading to New York to begin my time with the Holy See’s Mission to the UN. I start there on Tuesday.


In the midst of it all, know how often I think of Newman and all the things that are going on—Sunday Masses, SNS, Soup and Bagel, NSS Meetings, Faith Studies, Liturgical Ministries, YouCat, Bible Study, Ecumenical Outreach, Social Justice initiatives, Daily Mass, Prayer—but most of all: YOU! Be assured of my fervent prayers for each of you and how much I look forward to seeing you in January.


Email me at any time ( or message me on Facebook if there’s anything I can do to help or any particular way I can be praying for you. Let us pray for one another! Let us be brothers and sisters in the Lord!


I miss you and hope you are well! Have a wonderful day and until next time:

“Let nothing disturb you, let nothing distress you. All things are passing away; God alone is unchanging. Patience overcomes everything. With God in your heart, nothing is lacking. 

God alone suffices.” (Teresa of Avila)


Smile, Jesus loves you! J


Cor ad cor loquitur,




On the set of Salt and Light Perspectives Daily
On the set of Salt and Light Perspectives Daily

First council meeting

Welcome to our brand new website!

Here are some announcements:

Our First council meeting will take place on the 21st of January, 2013. Each following council meeting will take place two weeks after this one, i.e. February 4th and so on. hoot