Message from Alumna Christy

Hi Newmanites!


Greetings from Hong Kong! How are you guys doing? For those who don’t know me, I graduated a year ago from ‘Bronfman High’ and have been blessed to be part of the Newman community for 3 years in Montreal. I’m a huge fan of the choir, soup and bagel, daily mass, faith studies, coffeehouse, SNS…basically everything in Newman!


Life after university has been craaazy – re-adjusting to the busy Hong Kong culture, catching up with high school friends, and transitioning from a student to a young professional (although I’m still studying for certification exams at this very moment…I should be studying right now but how can I resist writing an e-postcard to you?)


I’m currently working at Citi in Hong Kong as a Management Associate in a rotational program for fresh grads. I’m really enjoying my job – I have awesome coworkers who I spent a lot of time with, both in and outside work. I wear my cross necklace to work everyday and quite a few coworkers have expressed interest in discovering Christianity so please pray for them! There are 3 Christians including myself in my program (out of 9 people) and we’re planning to organize a Christianity 101 session after work some time next month. I really hope it works out! I’m sure that if this is God’s will, He will make a way. I’m also still looking for a community like Newman in Hong Kong so please pray for me J Newman has an important place in my heart and I will always be praying for the community.


I’ll be back in May for Convocation. CAN’T WAIT to see (or meet) you then!


In Christ,