Sandwiches for the Homeless

getinvWelcome back to school! Our first big Social Justice event at Newman will be making sandwiches for the homeless in Montreal.

It was a great success last semester, so we’re bringing it back more regularly this semester. Please invite your friends to join! All are welcome!


1) Making the sandwiches: from 11 am to noon on Saturday morning at the Newman Centre (3484 Peel St.)

2) Distribution: will be walking around downtown Montreal giving out the sandwiches to the poor and homeless on the streets, from noon until there are no more sandwiches. This will be done in two groups, so nobody will be out there alone.

If you are not comfortable with approaching strangers for the distribution, it is perfectly fine to only help out with making the sandwiches if you so desire. If your schedule is such that you can only attend one of the parts, or only part of a part, we would still love to have you attend for whatever you are available for!

We will also need sandwich materials. We will be accepting donations of bread, jam/jelly, peanut butter, tuna, mayonnaise, mustard, ham, salami, lettuce, etc… Please informAnitaKatie, or Victoria of any donations you are bringing 🙂

By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

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