What does that portfolio do?

As nominations open for the 2014-2015 NCSS executive, it may be helpful to know a little more about what each portfolio does, plus what the new portfolios will be all about, so without any further ado, I present to you…


What exactly does that portfolio do?!


VP Social Justice


Your position works with other Newmanites and external groups to raise awareness about social justice issues and provide material support to the poor in Montreal and around the world. Each year, the VP Social Justice may choose to focus on different activities (ex. clothing drives, sandwiches for the homeless, THINKfast etc.). Some more permanent projects include our partnerships with a parish in the Philippines and setting Newmanites up with volunteer opportunities. If you have a heart for the poor and disadvantaged, then this is the job for you!


VP Social Activities


When it’s time to ‘let off some steam’ during midterms or after exams, you are the one that we will turn to! Whether it’s pumpkin carving, or planning  a trip to play laser tag, you infuse our community with fun activities! Your biggest responsibilities will be planning each semester’s coffee house, and the Newman Ball in March… which is no easy task, but totally worth the effort!


VP Saturday Night Suppers


The name is pretty self-explanatory. Your job is to organize weekly SNS. At the beginning of the semester, you put up a sign-up sheet and ask your fellow Newmanites to sign up to cook each Saturday. Each Saturday your role could be as little as, just checking in to make sure they know where the frying pans are, to helping them lug groceries back to Newman, to emergency cooking if no one signs up. Your role also includes planning special meals (like the Advent dinner, Thanksgiving etc.) and doing other acts of hospitality around the centre (ex. tea and cookies for after an adoration evening).


VP Outreach


NEW POSITION – This new portfolio contains two major parts: evangelization and interfaith/ecumenism. The Evangelization side of things revolves around actively sharing the faith with McGill students. This needn’t be intimidating, we have events such as 60-second surveys at orientation events, Fish Frosh, activities night, and Catholic Students’ Week to give you a head start. You will also take the lead on welcoming students to Newman and following up with them at the beginning of the semester. Regarding interfaith/ecumenism, you (or your designate) will be the NCSS representative to interfaith council and chaplaincy. You will also be called upon to find opportunities to share in prayer and service activities with other Christian groups.  It’s a big job, but also super rewarding!


VP Spiritual


NEW POSITION – This new portfolio will be responsible for running the NCSS Faith Studies program, which currently has about 10-15 groups each semester. You will also be called upon to liaise with the chaplain and priest on our student-run liturgical ministries (ex. choir, lectors, acolytes) and think of ways for Newmanites to enter more fully into liturgical seasons with as lent and advent.


VP Communications


NEW POSITION – Your portfolio will include the former jobs of webmaster and publicity, which will include monitoring our social media presence, updating the website, coordinating mass announcements and sending the weekly listserv. But don’t worry, you can appoint up to three coordinators to help you out!


VP Finance


You can’t actually run for VP Finance this year, because a deputy treasurer was already selected under the rules of the old constitution last fall. But come 2015, the position will be up for election, so if you are great at keeping track of money, doing audits and fundraising, then stay tuned!




As president, you coordinate with SSMU, the Newman Centre and its board, you call and chair meetings and you put out fires when necessary. It takes a special individual with a servant’s heart to be the president, but we know you are out there somewhere!



By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

For more information about the Newman Catholic Students' Society executive, please consult the Executive Committee page under the About menu on this website.