Week 3 Announcements – Oct 1st – 7th

Sandwiches for the Homies

Saturday, October 25th 2014 1200-1400
Yes the event is called Sandwiches for the Homeless, but I’m just having fun with it. Join us at 12 for prep and 13 (that’s 1 in normal person talk) for distribution.


When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane he invited us to join him through his anxiety and abandonment before he was crucified. Today we can continue to share our lives with him during adoration to offer up our struggles and thank him for what he has given us. After every mass there is adoration from 4:30-5:30 ending with evening prayer. Adoration and Evening Prayer is a great opportunity to connect with God and say ‘Hi’. If you would like to attend adoration or lead Vespers every week there is a signup sheet that has been posted outside the chapel.

Liturgy of the Hours

Ever wondered what happens after weekday Mass. We’ll there’s this special thing that the monks do called the Liturgy of the Hours. It’s done several times a day and called different things, but it’s a simple prayer that is done at 5:10 PM.

Threads of Hope

You’ve heard it before, and here it is again. We are still selling threads like crazy. Wanna get one of these stylish bands it’s only $2 and it’s for a good cause.

Clothing Drive

Rev up your Harley…wait…wrong drive. If you still have cloths that you don’t really need anymore let them go to a new home.

By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

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