Week 6 Announcements – Oct 22nd – 28th

Movie Night

Saturday, October 25th @ 7:30pm

Immediately after SNS this coming Saturday, the NCSS exec will be watching a Halloween-themed movie. Join us – don’t worry, it won’t be anything too scary!”

Fall Coffeehouse

Saturday, November 8

We are STILL looking for acts for this year’s Fall Coffeehouse! We’d love to watch your musical numbers, skits, poetry, magic, and more. If you would like to perform or have any questions or concerns, please contact Angie Empleo via email ( or Facebook (Angie Em). Share with us the wonderful talents that God gave you!”

Inter-denominational Prayer Mornings:

PRAYER MORNINGS are starting this week!!

The NCSS is joining our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in hosting prayer groups throughout the week.  Find a time and a place that works for you and don’t be shy to swing by and pray with us!

• Tuesday 9 am in 4th floor SSMU clubs lounge with Esther (MCF)

• Early bird Wednesday 8 am at Christy, Lucy and Grace’s place {620 prince Arthur Apt. 4}

• Friday 10 am at the Newman centre (3484 Peel) with Katie and Julian

~ If you have any further questions regarding prayer mornings, email Christy Frost


Saturday, October 25th @ 6PM – 7:30PM

Come one, come all! Dinner will be Pork Vindaloo with pineapple fried rice! Eating will commence at 6 and the price is 5$. Hope to see you guys there! Please consider signing up to cook and help feed your lovely community. If you have further questions, email Ana at or facebook her or ask her in person.

Sandwiches for the Homeless

We are having our second installment of Sandwiches for the Homeless this semester (2nd of more to come!!!) and you are cordially invited (or not so cordial, but still very much invited) to join us in spreading the joy and goodness of food all around downtown Montreal. Now, especially with the winter coming, we may also be giving out articles of clothing to hopefully help keep our lovelies around Montreal warm.

Just like the last time and forever will be, details as follows:

PREPARATION = 12:00 – 1:00 pm

DISTRIBUTION = 1:00pm – 2:00pm

WHERE? Newman Centre – along Peel just below its intersection with Docteur-Penfield. and of course all round downtown Montreal.

We also take DONATIONS of food, bottled water and some small warm articles of clothing (proper clothes guys, like socks, mittens, yada yada-be creative). Feel free to fill in the google doc right here being the kind person that i know you are, with your donations.

ps. the preparation and distribution is by no means a block activity, feel free to pop in and out of the separate events, if you aren’t too comfortable with going out into the streets of Montreal, we would love your help with preparation or will take donations and vice versa or any way around (you get the drift).

Clothing Drive

Our Fall Clothing Drive for Benedict Labre House has had its run and has (unfortunately) come to an end. I’m very excited for the generous donations I get to bring over to the homeless people (indirectly through Benedict Labre House), and also a big huge THANK YOU to all of you guys who donated your clothes and many other garments to help make other people not naked!

Threads of Hope

T he NCSS is running a fundraiser for our partner parishes El Divino Rostro and St. Padre Pio in the Phillipines. We are doing that with an initiative with Threads of Hope bracelets that are currently for sale at 2CAD per bracelets (the profit of 1.35CAD will go directly to our partner parishes). These bracelets will be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays during soup and bagel, SNS or just anytime, you feel like it really, just make sure to contact our VP Social Justice – Jody Wong at 514-232-3425 or catch her running around the Newman Centre.

RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The RCIA program (or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) presents the teachings of the Catholic Church to those preparing for adult Baptism or Confirmation; it is also open to anyone who is curious about Catholicism. Classes are led by Dr. Richard Bernier and will begin on Oct 26 after Mass. For more information, email

YOUCAT on Tap: Is the Bible true?

Friday October 24 @ 5:30pm

Faith is a trusting surrender to the truths that a person chooses to reveals about themselves. We can know a great deal about someone using our reason, but to know the heart of someone, we need to wait for that person to reveal truths about them that we could never know otherwise. Who is God? God is most fundamentally a person, and the claim of the Bible is that this supreme person has not remained utterly silent, but of his own free will has chosen to speak.

This Friday, at YOUCAT on Tap, we will explore divine revelation in general and the Bible in particularly. We will address questions like:

  • Why did God have to show himself in order for us to be able to know what he is like?
  • How can we tell what belongs to the true faith?
  • Is Sacred Scripture true?
  • What is the right way to read the Bible?

Join us for some delightful conversation, homebrewed beer and pizza! Food and drink service begins at 5pm, and YOUCAT begins at 5:30pm. BRING A FRIEND!!!

By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

For more information about the Newman Catholic Students' Society executive, please consult the Executive Committee page under the About menu on this website.