Week 9 Announcements – Nov 12th – 18th

Dungeons & Dragons (For Beginners!)

Saturday, November 15 @7:30pm

Get your geek on! This Saturday following SNS, we will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons session (ft. Dungeon Master Kevin Guo from the McGill Christian Fellowship). No professional gameplay will occur – this is just for fun! For more information or clarification, contact Angie at Come and join us! Let’s all be super nerdy together, without shame. pushes glasses up nose.

Sandwiches for the Homeless

Saturday November 15th, 12 PM – 2 PM

We are having more of Sandwiches for the Homeless and you are cordially invited (or not so cordial, but still very much invited) to join us in spreading the joy and goodness of food all around downtown Montreal. Now, especially with the winter coming, we may also be giving out articles of clothing to hopefully help keep our lovelies around Montreal warm.

Just like the last time and forever will be, details as follows:

PREPARATION = 12:00 – 1:00 pm

DISTRIBUTION = 1:00pm – 2:00pm

WHERE? Newman Centre – along Peel just below its intersection with Docteur-Penfield. and of course all round downtown Montreal.

We also take DONATIONS of food, bottled water and some small warm articles of clothing (proper clothes guys, like socks, mittens, yada yada-be creative). Feel free to fill in the Google Doc that can be found on our Facebook page right here.

P.S. the preparation and distribution is by no means a block activity, feel free to pop in and out of the separate events, if you aren’t too comfortable with going out into the streets of Montreal, we would love your help with preparation or will take donations and vice versa or any way around (you get the drift)

Faith Study Completion Celebration

Saturday, November 22nd, 6 PM @ SNS

On Saturday November 22 our SNS will be organized by the Faith study Participants and will be followed by a completion celebration with food, music and dancing.

Saturday Night Supper

Saturday, November 15th @ 6 PM

This week’s Saturday Night Supper will be delicious Hungarian food lovingly made by two of our Hungarian Newmanites. Come and take advantage of authentic and delicious cuisine this Saturday at 6 pm and is 5$. Hope to see you guys there!

Christ is Coming Dinner

Saturday, November 29th @ 6 PM

O Come All Ye Newmanites! Christ is Coming and the NCSS is going to make celebratory dinner for Ye Faithful Newmanites. Dinner will be eaten on the 29th of this month, doors open at 6 pm, dinner will be served at 7 pm. The evening will be semi-formal. Tickets are available from any Executive Members and cost $12. Purchasing early is recommended as there is limited seating. You can reserve your tickets by talking to or emailing your VP-Comm Max.

YOUCAT on Tap: Who is Jesus?

Friday, November 14th

Who is Jesus? Is Jesus God? Is Jesus human? Is Jesus some confused mishmash of the both? From it’s beginnings the Church has had to contend with many different and mostly erroneous ideas about who Jesus is and who Jesus isn’t. We call Him, Emmanuel, the Christ/Messiah, the Son of God, the Son of man, the Lamb of God, our Lord and Saviour, etc….

The central claim of Christianity is that God became human in the person of Jesus. This Friday at YOUCAT on Tap we will begin a months long exploration of the person Jesus of Nazareth, starting with the mystery of the Incarnation. ” And the Word became flesh and lived among us…” (John 1:14) Beer and pizza will be served as of 5pm, and discussion will begin at 5:30pm. Please bring friends!!!!

Special YOUCAT session with Archbishop Lepine

Thursday November 20 7:30pm

What is freedom and what is it for? But doesn’t freedom consist of being able to choose evil as well? Must we allow a person to use his free will, even when he decides in favour of evil?

These are some of the questions that Archbishop Christian Lepine will be addressing at the upcoming special Diocesan YOUCAT session at the Newman Centre. Please join us for some words of wisdom from our Archbishop! For more info check out this link Click here for the YOUCAT session Newsletter

Kickoff weekend for the Year of Consecrated Life

Come and discover more about consecrated life with the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Same, the oldest religious group in the city and a fundamental part of the old colony. There will be prayer, testimony, music, snacks, and more! The afternoon begins at 1:30, ending at 4 pm on the 30th of this month. The Sisters are hosting us all at their Mother House, 2330 Sherbrooke, at the Atwater intersection. There will be a group heading over from the Newman Centre at 1 pm should you wish to join.

Inter-denominational PRAYER MEETINGS!!!

Tuesday 9 AM, Wednesday 8 AM, Friday 10 AM

The NCSS is joining our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in hosting prayer groups throughout the week.  Find a time and a place that works for you and don’t be shy to swing by and pray with us!

• Tuesday 9 am in 4th floor SSMU clubs lounge with Esther (MCF)

• Early bird Wednesday 8 am at Christy, Lucy and Grace’s place {620 prince Arthur Apt. 4} (MCF)

• Friday 10 am at the Newman centre (3484 Peel) with Katie and Julian (NCSS)

~ If you have any further questions regarding prayer mornings, email Christy Frost (

Threads of Hope

The NCSS is running a fundraiser for our partner parishes El Divino Rostro and St. Padre Pio in the Phillipines. We are doing that with an initiative with Threads of Hope bracelets that are currently for sale at 2CAD per bracelets (the profit of 1.35CAD will go directly to our partner parishes). These bracelets will be sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays during soup and bagel, SNS or just anytime, you feel like it really, just make sure to contact our VP Social Justice – Jody Wong at 514-232-3425 or catch her running around the Newman Centre.

Adoration and Evening Prayer:

Weekdays: 4:30 PM-5:30 PM

Adoration and Evening Prayer is a great opportunity to connect with God. After every mass there is adoration from 4:30-5:30 ending with evening prayer. If you would like to attend adoration or lead Vespers every week there is a signup sheet that has been posted outside the chapel.

By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

For more information about the Newman Catholic Students' Society executive, please consult the Executive Committee page under the About menu on this website.