Postcards from Abroad: Yemina in Hong Kong

Dear Newmanites!

I hope you are all doing well! Lots of things happened during my exchange in the University of Hong Kong, more than I could imagine. Hong Kong is an exciting place and a fast-paced city. Soon after I arrived, I got a position to work at a lab as research assistant. My father also arranged a Cantonese opera performance for me on 31 October. Although I had lived in Hong Kong for couple years before and thought that I was used to this packed routine, this time I had an even more crazy schedule. Apart from school, work, and rehearsing for the performance, I joined the Chinese orchestra, choir, and calligraphy club at HKU. Every weekend, I visited my parents in Sheung Shui and went to church with my mother. I was baptised a few years ago. Soon after, I moved to Montreal and therefore didn’t have much to go to church with my mother. I feel that every Sunday when we are praying together, our relationship becomes closer.

Yet, the most significant event I have experienced in Hong Kong is “Occupy Central” or the “Umbrella movement”. Some major roads in Kowloon and Hong Kong are block by people who are fighting for universal suffrage. Luckily, everyone remained calm and thus no major casualties occurred. The movement has been taking place for 60 days. The most heart-breaking thing is that a lot of friendship and even families and marriages are damaged by the heated arguments and the different opinions arrised especially from different generations. I can only pray to God for guiding Hongkongers to a right path.

Yemina Chung


By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

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