Special Event: Freshman 15

September 8th-22nd (times vary)

UPDATE: Due to poor attendance, Freshman 15 has been cancelled.

Fifteen days of events put on by the Newman Catholic Students’ Society to welcome incoming first years into the community and to foster relationships between all students. Everyone is welcome!

  1. Tuesday, September 8th: Climb Mount Royal (4:30pm)
  2. Wednesday, September 9th: St. Joseph’s Oratory (6:15pm)
  3. Thursday, September 10th: Walk along Old Port/Notre Dame Basilica (4:30pm)
  4. Friday, September 11th: Welcome BBQ (5:00pm)
  5. Saturday, September 12th: Atwater Market (10:00am)
  6. Sunday, September 13th: Botanical Gardens (2:00pm) *
  7. Monday, September 14th: Café Crawl/find cool places to study (6:00pm)
  8. Tuesday, September 15th: Karaoke Night (7:00pm)
  9. Wednesday, September 16th: Ice Cream (6:00pm) *
  10. Thursday, September 17th: Spoons/Card Games (4:30pm)
  11. Friday, September 18th: Outside Movie (8:00pm)
  12. Saturday, September 19th: Apartment Crawl/Saturday Night Supper (6:00pm) *
  13. Sunday, September 20th: Eaton Centre/Underground Mall (3:00pm)
  14. Monday, September 21st: Redpath Museum (4:30pm)
  15. Tuesday, September 22nd: Dressy Dessert (8:00pm)

Please note that there will be a charge for events marked with a star.

Before each activity, meet at the Newman Centre at the set time, and we’ll travel together. We’re planning to keep these events to a two-hour time frame, so don’t worry about not having time for things you need to do!

(Slide photo courtesy of Eugene Kim.)