Announcements: Week of September 13th-19th

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! The following are the announcements from the Newman Centre and the Newman Catholic Students’ Society for the upcoming week.

Please note the following new announcements: Freshman 15, Thanksgiving Clothing Drive, Apartment Crawl, Sandwiches for the Homeless, and the Commissioning Mass.

— Michael

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! The following are the announcements from the Newman Centre and the Newman Catholic Students’ Society for the upcoming week.

Please note the following new announcements: Freshman 15, Thanksgiving Clothing Drive, Apartment Crawl, Sandwiches for the Homeless, and the Commissioning Mass.

— Michael

Freshman 15

September 8th-22nd (times vary)

Fifteen days of events put on by the Newman Catholic Students’ Society to welcome incoming first years into the community and to foster relationships between all students. Everyone is welcome!

  1. Tuesday, September 8th: Climb Mount Royal (4:30pm)
  2. Wednesday, September 9th: St. Joseph’s Oratory (6:15pm)
  3. Thursday, September 10th: Walk along Old Port/Notre Dame Basilica (4:30pm)
  4. Friday, September 11th: Welcome BBQ (5:00pm)
  5. Saturday, September 12th: Atwater Market (10:00am)
  6. Sunday, September 13th: Botanical Gardens (2:00pm) *
  7. Monday, September 14th: Café Crawl/find cool places to study (6:00pm)
  8. Tuesday, September 15th: Karaoke Night (7:00pm)
  9. Wednesday, September 16th: Ice Cream (6:00pm) *
  10. Thursday, September 17th: Spoons/Card Games (4:30pm)
  11. Friday, September 18th: Outside Movie (8:00pm)
  12. Saturday, September 19th: Apartment Crawl/Saturday Night Supper (6:00pm) *
  13. Sunday, September 20th: Eaton Centre/Underground Mall (3:00pm)
  14. Monday, September 21st: Redpath Museum (4:30pm)
  15. Tuesday, September 22nd: Dressy Dessert (8:00pm)

Please note that there will be a charge for events marked with a star.

Before each activity, meet at the Newman Centre at the set time, and we’ll travel together. We’re planning to keep these events to a two-hour time frame, so don’t worry about not having time for things you need to do!

Thanksgiving Clothing Drive

September 13th-October 13th

It’s the start of another school year, moving, unpacking from summer, finding space for all your things… maybe it’s time you sorted through your clothes and gave some of that old stuff away. But where to?

Well, we might be able to help you in that department! From September 13th until October 13th, the Newman Catholic Students’ Society will be hosting a Thanksgiving clothing drive. Please drop off any clothing you wish to donate in the Bagelounge, next to the downstairs entrance to the Newman Centre. Everything collected will be donated to Benedict Labre House, a day center for the homeless in Montreal.

Apartment Crawl (Saturday Night Supper)

September 19th (6:00pm)

The Newman Catholic Students’ Society has a longstanding tradition of hosting a supper every Saturday night, prepared by members of the Newman community. For only $5, you get a full meal, including dessert.

This week’s Saturday Night Supper is special, though: it’s our semesterly Apartment Crawl! During Apartment Crawl, Newmanites will be opening up their homes and serving you from there. You’ll be enjoying a single course at each location while exploring the Newman community beyond the Centre.

This week’s Saturday Night Supper is on September 19th at 6:00pm. We’re still meeting at Newman at that time, though you’ll be guided to the first location after paying.

If you’re interested in signing up to help prepare a meal, please contact our VP Saturday Night Suppers, Josephina Lee, at .

Ecumenical Sandwiches for the Homeless

September 19th (11:00am-1:30pm)

Have you ever passed by a member of Montreal’s homeless population and wondered how to serve and love these people as Christ calls us to do?

This year, the McGill Anglican-United Chaplaincy/Aumônerie Anglicane-Unie à McGill, Newman Catholic Students’ Society of McGill University, the Orthodox Christian Fellowship of McGill University and Power to Change are teaming up to provide students an opportunity to learn more about street ministry with an ecumenical service project to make and distribute sandwiches for the homeless of Montreal.

11:00am — Sandwich making at the Newman Centre. If you are able, please bring a sandwich-making item (ex. bread, meat, peanut butter). Sign up to bring something here.

12:00pm — Sandwich distribution (various locations). Teams will be sent into the city (metro passes provided if traveling further than walking distance) to interact with the homeless population in Montreal and give them some of the sandwiches we made.

You are welcome to come for both sandwich making and distribution, or just one portion of the event. Everyone is welcome!

Commissioning Mass

September 20th (5:00pm)

As part of this week’s Sunday Mass, Fr. Gregory will bless the Newman Catholic Students’ Society executive and commission each member to carry out his or her unique role in achieving the mission of the Society. Please join us in welcoming them and praying for their success.

Faith Studies

Starting the week of September 20th (times vary)

Do you have questions about your faith? Are you looking to make God more relevant in your life? Would it be helpful to have useful tools with which to present the Gospel message clearly and simply in any situation? Faith studies are small groups of students, led by a trained student guide, that meet once a week over the course of six weeks during the semester to learn about the Catholic faith using specially prepared study guides from Catholic Christian Outreach.

The first study in the series is called Discovery. Discovery is an exploration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and covers questions like (1) Why did God create us? (2) Who is Jesus? (3) Why did Jesus die the way he did? (4) How can Jesus be more relevant to our lives? For those who are not Catholic, Discovery is a great introduction to what Catholics believe and why. For those who are Catholic, Discovery helps participants to make sense of all the different puzzle pieces of faith knowledge that we have learned over the years and understand more clearly how they all fit together.

Faith studies will be starting about two weeks from now. If you are interested in participating, please sign up using one of the sign-up sheets at the Newman Centre or by emailing our VP Spiritual, Katerina Leung, at .

New Bible Study on Mercy

September 23rd (7:00pm)

Join us for a brand-new Newman Bible Study, exploring God’s mercy throughout the Bible. Come to our first session on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:00pm—led by Samuel Farrugia and Julian Paparella, and continuing biweekly. See you there!

Soup and Bagel Lunch Program

Weekdays (12:30-2:00pm)

Every weekday, from 12:30-2:00pm, enjoy all-you-can-eat hot soup and Montreal bagels in the Newman Centre’s “Bagelounge” for the low price of $3.50, courtesy of our administrative coordinator, Linda Diez.

Council Meetings

Every second Thursday (7:00pm)

Make your voice heard! Did you know that every member of the NCSS is also a member of Council, the Society’s legislative body? Tell the executive about your new event idea at our next Council meeting on Thursday, September 24th at 7:00pm!

Newman Centre Choir Looking for Members

The Newman Centre Choir is recruiting new members. In particular, we are looking for new pianists to accompany the choir on a rotating basis. The Newman Centre Choir leads music for Sunday Masses and Solemnities, such as the Academic Mass, the Easter Triduum, as well as for Eucharistic Adoration, Taizé, and other special occasions.

We practice at 4:00pm each Sunday before Mass. You are welcome to simply show up to try a rehearsal and see if you are interested in joining. For more information, please contact the Choir Director, Genevieve Mays, at .

Choose Life Looking for Leadership Team

Choose Life is McGill University’s pro-life club and the only student pro-life club in Quebec. Unfortunately, although it remains a registered SSMU club, it has been inactive for the last couple of years due to a lack of leadership after the departure of its previous president.

If you are interested in helping to rejuvenate Choose Life by becoming part of its leadership team this year, please contact William Manning at . (Fr. Gregory is also available for spiritual direction.)

New Course in Catholic Studies This Semester

This fall, the Catholic Studies Program is offering a brand new special topics course (CATH 370) on “Catholicism and Quebec“. It includes local trips, is taught by our Director, and has no prerequisite! Dr. Di Pede is happy to respond to inquiries at .

A New Roof, Finally!

The badly needed refurbishment of our century-old slate roof is nearly complete and it is looking fantastic. We raised over $130,000 before the summer break, thanks to Pillars Trust ($50,000), the St. Patrick’s Foundation ($75,000), students, alumni and their families. Our goal over the next three years, with your help, is to raise an additional $270,000 to pay down the debt.

Become a Newman Catholic Students’ Society Member

Membership in the Society is open to everyone and comes with the following benefits:

  • one free Saturday Night Supper (normally $5),
  • right to attend Council meetings,
  • right to vote in Society elections (if you are a SSMU or PGSS member), and
  • a snazzy red membership card!

Memberships cost $2 and can be purchased from our VP Finance, Tim Vuksic, at .

Parking at Newman

Parking spaces are reserved for staff, all others by permission only. Fees apply. See a member of staff before parking. Unidentified vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Mass Schedule

The Newman Centre has Mass every Sunday at 5:00pm. Weekday Masses are held from Tuesday to Friday at 4:00pm, with Eucharistic Adoration from 4:30-5:30pm. Confessions are heard before all Masses.

Centre Hours

The Newman Centre is open weekdays from 10:00am-5:00pm (extended hours on some days) and on weekends during scheduled events such as Mass.

By Newman Catholic Students' Society Executive

For more information about the Newman Catholic Students' Society executive, please consult the Executive Committee page under the About menu on this website.