Announcements: Week of November 22nd-28th

Greetings, fellow Newmanites! The following are the announcements from the Newman Centre and the Newman Catholic Students’ Society for the week of November 22nd-28th.

Highlights this week:

  • Theology Thursday: Is Lying Ever Right?
  • YOUCAT on Tap
  • Christ is Coming Dinner
  • Soup and Bagel Lunch

— Michael

Events and Activities This Week

AnchorTheology Thursday: Is Lying Ever Right?

Thursday, November 26th (7:00pm)

Theology Thursday is a monthly question and answer series on Catholic doctrinal and ethical issues with Dr. Douglas Farrow, Professor of Christian Thought and Kennedy Smith Chair in Catholic Studies.

This month we’ll be looking at the question: “Is lying ever right?” Most of us are taught from a young age to never lie, but is it actually intrinsically evil? What about cases where it seems necessary to sacrifice the truth to avoid an injustice? We’ll be looking at some of these tough questions on Thursday. Refreshments will be provided. See you there!

AnchorYOUCAT on Tap: “Why do I need the Church?”, Part II

Friday, November 27th (5:00-7:00pm)

Believing in a Church that has authority, standards, and expectations of us is very inconvenient. Consequently, many people today – including many baptized Catholics – opt out of Church all together (except during Christmas and Easter!). They tend to self-identify as spiritual but not necessarily religious, and say things like, “well, what really matters is being a good person; what you believe, or what Church or religion you follow is secondary.”

This, in turn, begs the question: “Why do I need the Church?” Join us this Friday for our second session of YOUCAT on Tap exploring the origins of the Church and her mission. As usual, beer and pizza service starts at 5:00pm followed by the topic discussion at 5:30pm. All are welcome!

AnchorChrist is Coming Dinner

Saturday, November 28th (6:00pm)

To celebrate the beginning of Advent and the pending arrival of our Lord (and as a closing event for the Fall semester), the NCSS executive is hosting a special Advent-themed Saturday Night Supper on November 28th! How is it different from your typical SNS, you ask? Well…

  • The NCSS executive will be preparing the meal and serving you;
  • The dress code is semi-formal;
  • There will be a four-course meal; and
  • The music, decorations, and all-around atmosphere will abound with pre-Christmas cheer!

Doors open at 6:00pm, and dinner will be served at 7:00pm. Tickets are $12 and may be purchased from any member of the executive. Space is limited, so please reserve your tickets in advance. Hope to see you there!

AnchorSoup and Bagel Lunch Program

Weekdays (12:30-2:00pm)

Every weekday, from 12:30-2:00pm, enjoy all-you-can-eat hot soup and Montreal bagels in the Newman Centre’s Bagelounge for the low price of $3.50, courtesy of our administrative coordinator, Linda Diez.

Other Events and Activities

AnchorNewman Bible Study on Mercy

Wednesday, December 2nd (7:00pm)

Join us Wednesday at 7:00pm for our next Newman Bible Study on Mercy. Samuel Farrugia will lead a Scriptural reflection followed by a spiritual meditation led by Julian Paparella. Have mercy and attend!

AnchorCouncil Meeting

Thursday, December 3rd (7:00pm)

Make your voice heard! Did you know that every member of the NCSS is also a member of Council, the Society’s legislative body? Tell the executive about your new event idea at our next biweekly Council meeting.

Other Announcements

Become a Newman Catholic Students’ Society Member!

Membership in the Society is open to everyone and comes with the following benefits:

  • one free Saturday Night Supper (normally $5),
  • right to attend Council meetings,
  • right to vote in Society elections (if you are a SSMU or PGSS member), and
  • a snazzy red membership card!

Memberships cost $2 and can be purchased from our VP Finance, .

Parking at Newman

Parking spaces are reserved for staff, all others by permission only. Fees apply. See a member of staff before parking. Unidentified vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Mass Schedule

The Newman Centre has Mass every Sunday at 5:00pm. Weekday Masses are held from Tuesday to Friday at 4:00pm, with Eucharistic Adoration from 4:30-5:30pm. Confessions are heard before all Masses.

Centre Hours

The Newman Centre is open weekdays from 10:00am-5:00pm (extended hours on some days) and on weekends during scheduled events such as Mass.